Tax Extensions for State Returns

In most cases, yes, you can get a state tax extension in addition to your Federal extension. However, the procedure for requesting a state extension will depend heavily on the state where you live and/or earn income. Every state has its own tax collection agency (usually a Department of Revenue) that is in charge of setting the rules for tax extensions. Therefore, you want to make sure you check the guidelines for your specific state — don't just assume that their rules are the same as the Federal government's.

Understanding State Tax Extensions

Residents of some states don’t have to worry about getting a personal state extension because their state government does not impose an individual income tax. These include: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington (state), and Wyoming. Other states — like California, Iowa, New York, Oregon, and Vermont — impose high personal income taxes on their residents. In states such as these, getting a tax extension can be especially useful.

Certain states, such as Arizona and Pennsylvania, will automatically grant you a tax extension if you have a valid Federal extension (IRS Form 4868 for individuals, or IRS Form 7004 for businesses). Conversely, there are some states that require taxpayers to submit a separate state extension application, whether or not a Federal extension has been approved. Keep in mind that if you owe state income tax, you are most likely still expected to pay that by the original deadline of your state return.

For even more variety, some states permit both electronic filing (e-filing) and paper filing methods, while others will accept only one or the other. And finally, it is important to note that not all states have the same filing/payment deadlines as the Federal government (IRS). Make sure you know if your state’s due dates coincide with the Federal due dates, as that can affect your tax extension.

For more information about your specific state's tax extension rules, please visit our State Tax Extensions center.

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