Top 5 Reasons to File Your Tax Extension Online

The U.S. tax system gets more complex every year, with new regulations and guidelines being piled on by lawmakers and the IRS. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re tired of the a hectic tax season, consider getting a tax extension online.

Electronic filing (e-filing) is quickly becoming the preferred method of taxpayers, due to its convenience and fast results. In fact, you can e-file your tax extension application (Form 4868 for individuals, or Form 7004 for businesses) in just a few minutes, and receive IRS approval within 24 hours!

Here are the top 5 reasons to e-file your tax extension online:

1. There’s no paperwork involved when you e-file your tax extension

Maybe you’ve gone paperless like many other people, and you view statements and pay bills online. Go paperless when you file a tax extension too! You can get an extension of time to file your return AND help save trees at the same time. At, you can avoid the mess of paper documents and e-file Form 4868 or Form 7004 using a simple online form. Everything is done electronically — you can even pay your taxes online with your extension.

2. You must e-file your tax extension to get IRS email confirmation

If you e-file with, you will get a confirmation email as soon as your request is approved by the IRS. This can provide valuable peace of mind. customers may also check the status of their extension by logging into their account any time. Those who file a tax extension via paper mail get no IRS confirmation if they’re approved — only if their request is rejected.

3. E-filing is simple, convenient, and secure

Filing online can be a lot less complicated than filing a paper tax form. If you e-file, make sure to use an Authorized IRS e-file Provider like so you know that your information is kept safe. has an easy-to-use online form that brings you through the steps of applying for a tax extension, and even does the math calculations for you.

4. The IRS encourages taxpayers to e-file

Because e-filing helps to streamline tax procedures, the IRS actually prefers it when taxpayers electronically submit tax forms and payments online. According to the IRS, over 120 million people e-filed last year. The IRS provides a list of its Authorized e-file Providers, which includes E-filing will help you get a faster response from the IRS, whether you’re looking for tax extension approval or you want to get your tax refund.

5. E-filing saves you time and headaches

You no longer have to wade through stacks of tax documents or wait in line at the Post Office during tax season. When you file online, everything is processed faster — whether it’s your tax extension application, annual income tax return, or tax refund. E-filing your tax extension can also help you avoid the IRS late filing penalty. Most of our customers get their IRS approval within 24 hours of e-filing — and it can all be done from your home or office computer!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly Support Team.

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