Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy for Paid Services

Tax Extension Services – Once we have electronically transmitted your tax extension to the IRS, we are under no obligation to issue you a refund. However, if your extension is rejected by the IRS, you can correct and retransmit your extension an unlimited number of times at no additional cost provided it’s the same IRS extension form and taxpayer or business entity we originally transmitted for you. If the IRS rejects your initial tax extension filing as being too late because they are no longer accepting tax extension applications for that year, we will issue you a full refund upon request.

Tax Preparation Services – Fees that are collected at the time of your tax extension filing to either reserve a tax professional to prepare and file your tax return at a discounted rate OR as payment for returns that will be self-prepared by you are non-refundable once your extension is transmitted to the IRS. However, those fees are credited to the final cost of your tax preparation services provided that return is filed prior to the final IRS filing deadline for that return type, typically September 15th for most business returns and October 15th for individual returns.