Testimonials from Our Customers

Here is just a sample of the feedback our users have sent us.

  • “This was easier than sending the extension through the mail. ”
    Ojay, Washington
  • “Thanks for your help, I was nervous not knowing what I was going to do since I waited too long to get my taxes filed. You provide a great service. ”
    John, North Carolina
  • “Awesome! My business is all about eco-friendly living, so this electronic option saved me the gas and paper needed to mail my form to the IRS! Yey for reducing carbon footprints! ”
    Kristin, Texas
  • “This was a great, simple process! TaxExtension made it quick and easy. Thank you!”
    James, Georgia
  • “That was crazy easy, so much so that I went ahead and filed for a personal extension, too (yes, I always do an extension). ”
    Kelly, Pennsylvania
  • “Awesome service! I know it’s a simple form, but tax forms make me nervous! I love the ability to outsource it. It’s great peace of mind. ”
    Chris, California
  • “I used the chat option and it really worked well. Kathy was extremely helpful and was able to answer all my queries and help in filing my extension. I appreciate the service. ”
    Peush, Arizona
  • “This is a great service that I find very valuable. Thanks for making this process so easy during such a hectic time for me! ”
    Philip, New Jersey
  • “Thank you for this service. ”
    Kayla, Texas
  • “Easy to use and clearly understandable. Thanks for the last minute help! ”
    Dan, Maryland
  • “As a first time S-corporation filer needing more time, you made filing for an IRS extension easy & headache free. Thank you!”
    Cindy, Nebraska
  • “I had no idea getting a tax extension could be so easy, and the IRS didn’t even ask why I needed more time.”
    Maria, California
  • “I was unaware of the difference between personal and corporate filing requirements. Thank you for making a simple way for me to file for an extension.”
    Wesley, California
  • “Thanks. Very easy to do.”
    Karen, Arizona
  • “Very easy, user friendly site. Thanks.”
    Joseph, Florida
  • “This was very easy – thank you! This is the first year I am doing my business taxes on my own – so I was going nuts trying to figure out what to do. Thank you!”
    Cynthia, California
  • “Thank you so much-this was a very easy & quick process!”
    Kristina, Washington
  • “This was great – thank you so much. I couldn’t afford my accountant.”
    Alan, California
  • “I need this extension because I work in Iraq and won’t be in the United States until June 1. Thank You for your help.”
    David, Iraq
  • “I really liked the ease of use and speed to file the extensions.”
    Rex, Florida
  • “Very easy to do. Thank you very much.”
    John, Illinois
  • “This was very fast and fantastic…”
    Eddy, New York
  • “Fast and easy. And the on-line support was very helpful.”
    James, Minnesota
  • “Great ‘live support’… thanks Jeff!”
    Jim, California
  • “Your web site was informative and easy to sign up and easy to pay for tax extension. Thank you.”
    Curtis, Georgia
  • “Very easy to use, I like it.”
    Jacques, Florida
  • “Thank you very much. This was simple to do.”
    John, Califonia
  • “That was easy.”
    Peter, Virginia
  • “Your website was very easy to follow – much appreciated!”
    Julie, North Carolina
  • “Thanks for creating an online extension service! :)”
    Amanda, California
  • “Very easy to use website and I filed an extension in a few minutes.”
    Sherrie, Arizona
  • “Nice and fast and easy to do! Thanks!”
    Stuart, California
  • “I had a few questions prior to filling out this application and I wanted to say thank you because you guys took the time to review my question and answer very promptly. ”
    Ana, New York
  • “This was an easy tool to use. Thank you. ”
    Barbara, Ohio
  • “It was easy to find this site, and it couldn’t have been easier! Thank you! ”
    Chad, California
  • “This is the first time I have had to file for an extension, so it is all new to me. I just searched the net and found your website and it seemed fairly easy. Thanks! ”
    Betty, Florida
  • “I’m glad you have this service. I went to the IRS site first but figuring out what to do was difficult.
    This made things simpler. Thanks:) ”

    Dana, Pennsylvania
  • “Thanks. You have made it really easy! ”
    David, Texas
  • “It’s really a lot more simple than I ever expected. ”
    David, Louisiana
  • “Very easy to understand. Good product. ”
    Marc, South Carolina
  • “This is my first year in own business and I do need extra time to file taxes. The application process was easy. Thank you! ”
    Igor, California
  • “Fast. Gets the job done. ”
    Bobby, Texas
  • “Can’t believe how easy this was. I am missing some information needed to file, and was getting worried, as the 15th is approaching. Thank you very much for this service.”
    Genice, California
  • “Everything looks great and I sincerely appreciate your help!”
    Justin, New Mexico
  • “This was so easy to understand. It was really a nice experience.”
    Michael, Arizona
  • “Excellent way to request an extension so to avoid the pressure of last moment. Thank you for helping.”
    Dahlia, Florida