File IRS Tax Extension Online | Filing Your Personal or Business Income Tax Extension

If you need to file for a tax extension, there are two ways you can go about it. Either you can do so through paper mail or online. Of these two options, online filing is definitely the best way to go. If you are wondering how and where you can electronically file your taxes, here is a comprehensive guide answering all questions regarding electronic tax extension filing.

Filing Your Online Tax Extension with

At, the process of electronic tax extension filing has been made extremely easy. Not only can you file your application through the website, but you can also find out details and calculations about your tax status using the helpful resources they offer.

Filing your tax extension online through can be very helpful, especially for those who owe money to the IRS. The website also allows you to make payments, helping you get rid of any due taxes at the same time you file for extension. By making your tax payment along with your extension request, you can bring down your interest costs in the future.

Using, you can file for an extension for both your personal and business tax return electronically. The process for filing these taxes is almost similar and extremely easy. However, the business tax extension application can be a bit more complicated than the personal one, and the charges applicable for electronically filing the first are also a bit high.

Helping you with all your tax extension issues and other related tax issues that can affect your extension, is the ideal place to file your taxes electronically. Just ensure that all the calculations you have made are completely accurate and that you have provided all the correct information. That way, there is no way the IRS can reject your application.

Requirements for Filing a Tax Extension Online

If you are filing your tax extension application electronically, you won’t need a lot of information. The most important details you would require are mostly personal such as your name, address and SSN. You would also need to determine whether you owe money to the IRS or are entitled to receive refunds. A useful and easy to operate tax calculator is available at so that you can make all the necessary calculations. If you believe that you owe money to the IRS, you can also arrange to make payments through the website right after you file for your electronic tax extension, saving yourself from any extra fee.

Is It Easy To File Tax Extension Yourself?

A tax extension application is extremely easy to fill and submit. If you are filing your taxes electronically, you can simply open the site and finish with your application right away. The form and all the other resources you will need are accessible on the website. You can easily check how much tax you owe and make your extension request accordingly. However, other websites will also allow you to print the form so that you can mail it to the IRS. However, the electronic filing procedure through is definitely much simpler and uncomplicated.

How to File for Personal Tax Extension Online

Filing for a personal tax extension would extend your tax filing deadline by a period of six month, making your final deadline October 15th. If you are going to file your tax extension request electronically through, here is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Getting the Information Required

First, you will be required to provide your personal information. If you and your spouse are filing jointly, you will have to provide the same information for your spouse as well. Aside from that, you won’t need many details to file for an extension like W-2s or other tax forms. All the information you submit to the site is secured completely and is only shared with the IRS through secured connections and strong encryptions.

Estimating Your Taxes

Before you file your tax extension application, you will be required to provide an estimate of how much you would owe in taxes to the IRS for the previous year or determine whether you are entitled to receive a refund. While this may sound complicated, you can get it done with the tax calculator available on the site.

A common thing that many tax payers do is assume that the estimate is equal to their previous year’s tax. Based on this estimate, if you owe taxes to the IRS, you will be required to make the payment within the original tax deadline or else you would be subjected to penalties and interest payments on the amount you owe. Through, you can also make the payment to the IRS from your bank account through Electronic Funds Withdrawal.

Submitting the Form

Once you click on the Submit tab, your tax extension request will automatically be dispatched to the IRS for approval. After a few days, you will receive a notification from informing you about the approval of your tax extension report. If your tax extension application is rejected, you would also be provided with a detailed report about what went wrong. That way, you can resubmit your application after making the necessary changes without any additional charges.

Since it is an automatic extension, rest assured that your request will get accepted. If it doesn’t, remember that the main reason why most applications get rejected is because applicants submit incorrect personal details. As long as you provide the correct information and submit the request on time, you will have high chances of getting approved. Being an IRS-approved e-filing service provider, ensures that all your information and data will be secured and only displayed to the IRS.