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General Instructions

2020 Extended Filing Deadline: July 15th

Colorado personal income tax returns are due by April 15. If you cannot file by that date, you can get an automatic state tax extension. A Colorado personal extension will give you 6 extra months to file, moving your deadline to October 15.

There is no form or application to request a tax extension from the State of Colorado. The only requirement is that at least 90% of your tax liability must be paid by the original deadline (April 15) to avoid late fees.

You can mail your state tax payment using Colorado Form DR 0158-I (Payment Voucher for Automatic Colorado Extension for Individuals). Note that you are not required to file Form DR 0158-I if you electronically pay your state tax liability online. To make an electronic state tax payment, you can go to Colorado’s “Revenue Online” system:

If you are unsure whether you need to make a state tax payment, use the worksheet on Form DR 0158-I to determine if you owe Colorado tax this year.

For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website:

Colorado State Income Tax Payment Forms

Form DR 0158-I (Extension Payment Voucher for Colorado Individual Income Tax)

Mail this voucher (with payment) to the following address:

Colorado Department of Revenue
Denver, CO  80261-0008