State of Pennsylvania Business Income Tax Extensions

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General Instructions

Pennsylvania corporate tax reports are due by April 15 (for calendar year filers), or within 30 days after the Federal deadline for corporations based on the fiscal year. If you cannot file on time, you can get a Pennsylvania tax extension.

If you have a valid Federal tax extension and you owe zero state income tax, Pennsylvania will automatically grant you the same tax extension for your state return. You do not need to file a separate application with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Make sure to include a copy of your Federal extension with your state tax report when it’s filed.

If you do not have a Federal extension, you can request a 60-day Pennsylvania tax extension with Form REV-853 (Annual Extension Request). Remember to file Form REV-853 by the original due date of your return (April 15 for calendar year taxpayers). The PA Department of Revenue will send you a written notification that says whether your extension request was approved or rejected.

A tax extension only gives you more time to file, not to pay. If you owe Pennsylvania tax, it must be paid by the original deadline (April 15) or penalties will apply. You can include a Pennsylvania extension payment with Form REV-853, or you can pay electronically via Pennsylvania’s e-Services Center

NOTE: If your Pennsylvania tax liability exceeds $1,000, you are required to make your extension payment electronically or cashier’s check remitted in person or by express mail courier.

NOTE: Do not file Form REV-853 if you submit your extension request/payment electronically.

For more information, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue website: 

Pennsylvania State Income Tax Extension Forms


Form REV-853 (Annual Extension Request)

Mail to the following address:

PA Department of Revenue

P.O. Box 280425

Harrisburg, PA  17128-0425

Payments in excess of $1,000 made by certified or cashiers check must be made in person or by express mail courier at:

PA Department of Revenue

1854 Brookwood St. 

Harrisburg, PA 17104