Over 100 Reasons to Get a Tax Extension!

Are you looking for a good reason to file a tax extension? Even though the IRS doesn’t require you to provide one, you may be wondering why so many people request tax extensions each year. Whether or not you already have an excuse of your own, the team at TaxExtension.com has put together a list of more than 100 reasons to get a tax extension. Feel free to use them!

1. The tax extension application (Form 4868 or Form 7004) is easy to complete.

2. The IRS doesn’t care why you want an extension and doesn’t ask for a reason.

3. Your chances of being audited by the IRS are lower if you get a tax extension.

4. You can e-file a tax extension online in just minutes.

6. Certain life changes have made your tax situation more complex (such as selling a house, having a child, or getting divorced), so you need more time to prepare your return.

7. You are recently unemployed and unsure how that affects your taxes.

8. E-filing your tax extension allows you to save money on postage.

9. A tax extension can help you avoid the IRS late filing penalty.

10. Gathering documents and preparing an income tax return by April is just too much.

11. You have never filed taxes before.

12. You had recently had a child and have questions about your tax situation.

13. You’re in the middle of moving to a new residence. Aggh!

14. The holidays, the Super Bowl, and spring cleaning have filled up your schedule.

15. If you get a tax extension, you’ll have 6 extra months to file (or 5 months for certain businesses).

16. You started a company and all your focus has been on growing your business.

17. You were recently granted U.S. citizenship, so the IRS taxation process is new to you.

18. Your tax situation became more complex due to a home foreclosure.

19. You have the flu.

20. You’re still waiting for some tax documents to arrive in the mail.

21. Your budget is tight and you can’t afford to pay a professional tax preparer right now.

22. When you e-file your tax extension, you can electronically pay your taxes at the same time.

23. You thought you could prepare your own tax return without any help, but now you’re thinking about hiring a tax pro.

24. A tax extension means you can sit back and watch everyone else rush around this April.

25. Why file your tax return now when you have the option to file later?

26. E-filing your tax extension is eco-friendly and helps save paper.

27. You are a member of the United States military and are deployed overseas.

28. You recently got divorced and your life just got more complicated — tax-wise and otherwise.

29. You’d rather spend time on Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram, or Pinterest, or Snapchat....

30. You were instructed to file for a tax extension by your accountant.

31. You have a lot on your plate and filing taxes just isn’t a priority right now.

32. You found an amazing deal for taking that dream vacation and you don’t want to miss out.

33. You’d rather stay in bed.

34. You despise doing taxes each year.

35. A tax extension is basically guaranteed! TaxExtension.com helps you through each step of filing an extension and over 97% of customers are IRS-approved.

36. Some of your tax documents are missing. You’re not sure what happened, but you suspect the dog.

37. You got audited by the IRS last year and now it’s time for payback.

38. You’re a [insert profession here], not a tax preparer!

39. The tax prep software program you chose isn’t providing the help/support you need.

40. If you e-file your tax extension, you can e-pay your taxes via Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) directly from your bank account.

41. You just realized that you’re missing an important tax form.

42. You can’t pay your taxes on time, but getting an extension means the IRS penalty charges will be lower (than if you didn't get one).

43. You want to get a tax extension now just in case you need it later on.

44. You’re an entrepreneur and you have several different businesses.

45. Your accountant is overbooked and can’t make time to see you.

46. What happens in Vegas stays in there!

47. You want to avoid incurring IRS late fees.

48. Your tax situation is different now because you got married recently.

49. The cost of getting a tax extension is nothing compared to the IRS penalties that are assessed if you don’t get one.

50. Your business is extremely busy during Q2.

51. You will be traveling overseas during the normal April tax deadline.

52. Currently, you only have an estimate of your annual income tax liability.

53. Remembering your name, address, and Social Security Number is all the personal info you need to get a tax extension.

54. You’d like to steer clear of the Post Office this April.

55. You experienced a death in the family, which has derailed some things and/or changed your tax situation.

56. You still have a tax issue that was not resolved the year before.

57. Almost 10 million taxpayers filed extensions last year!

58. It only takes one visit to your accountant to get a tax extension.

59. You recently relocated and you’re still waiting to receive certain documents in the mail.

60. You have to re-familiarize yourself with QuickBooks first.

61. You get a confirmation email with IRS-approval if you e-file your tax extension.

62. March Madness has occupied most of your free time.

63. You can file a tax extension online in less than 10 minutes. It’s really that fast and simple.

64. Even if you have nothing new to report on your annual tax return, you still have to apply for a tax extension to extend your filing deadline.

65. Your tax situation has changed because you recently sold off a bunch of investments.

66. You’re having trouble finding a good time to meet up with your business partner.

67. You misplaced a document.

68. More and more people are discovering the advantages of a tax extension. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

69. You have yet to receive Schedule K-1 for your business tax return.

70. You forgot that the deadline for (most) business taxes is March 15, and now you’re way behind schedule.

71. You just entered the world of business ownership and haven’t figured out how to file yet.

72. You misplaced your W-2.

73. You’re not sure whether you qualify for certain tax breaks, or how to claim them.

74. Your spouse usually files a joint return for both of you, but he/she is out of the country.

75. You don’t need to pay a tax professional to help you file a tax extension — you can easily e-file it yourself using TaxExtension.com.

76. You have to travel for work.

77. Your car broke down.

78. The doctor said you should stay away from high-stress situations, and that definitely includes the chaos of April’s tax season.

79. You are still trying to recover from the brutal winter storms.

80. Your accountant moved or closed their business, and you need more time to find a new one.

81. You motto is “slow and steady.” A tax extension means you don’t have to rush through preparing your annual tax return.

82. Hmmm, now where is that 1099 form?

83. In April, there are long lines everywhere — at the Post Office, tax service companies, and local tax prep offices. Waiting in lines is your pet peeve.

84. You (and/or your spouse) are in the process of applying for a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from the Federal government.

85. Your tax situation has been altered because you recently purchased a rental property.

86. A Federal tax extension can be electronically filed to the IRS from your personal computer.

87. After winning the lottery and spending a lot of the money, you have a lot of receipts to go through.

88. You can’t do your taxes at work.

89. A new tax law is taking effect in the summer and you want to take advantage of it.

90. You want your accountant to be totally focused on you, so you’re willing to wait for a meeting until after April.

91. Your fantasy sports team is kicking butt!

92. The April deadline is too close to Easter and you have to spend time with your family.

93. You’re pulling extra shifts at work, so there’s no time for anything else right now.

94. You’d rather be watching the Masters Tournament.

95. All your information was lost because the tax prep software program crashed.

96. You can file a tax extension every year if you want. Many people do!

97. It’s too cold outside.

98. It’s too hot outside.

99. The deadline in April is too close to your birthday. You plan on eating cake, not doing taxes.

100. You live by your superhero name, The Procrastinator!

101. Millions of individuals and businesses get tax extensions every year. You will never be alone.

102. What’s the big hurry? The IRS can definitely wait.

So there you have it. If you had any difficulty finding a reason to file a tax extension before, you should be able to come up with a number of reasons now! Of course, you can always reach out to the TaxExtension.com Support Team to get help with your online extension request.

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