What if I am an “Out of the Country” tax filer?

If, on the regular due date of your return, you are out of the country and you’re a US Citizen or resident, you are allowed 2 extra months to file your return and pay any amount due without officially requesting a tax extension. For a calendar year return, the extended deadline would be June 15. TaxExtension.com will ask if you are an “out of the country” filer as part of our online application process, and we’ll handle the necessary changes when we e-File your tax extension.

According to the IRS, taxpayers who are out of the country can request a discretionary 2-month additional extension of time to file their returns.To request this extension, you must send the IRS a letter explaining the reasons why you need the additional 2 months. Send the letter by the extended due date to the Internal Revenue Service Center.

Note that you will not receive any notification from the IRS unless your request is denied for being untimely.

The discretionary 2-month additional extension is not available to taxpayers who have an approved extension of time to file Tax Form 2350 (for U.S. citizens and resident aliens abroad who expect to qualify for special tax treatment).