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  • Who's Eligible?: Good news! All U.S. taxpayers qualify
  • Need a Reason to Extend?: No, the IRS doesn't even ask
  • Approval Odds: 99% immediate approval rate with IRS eFile
  • Benefits: Extend your IRS tax filing deadline by an extra 6 months
  • State Extensions: We’ve got you covered
  • Time Required: Less than 5 minutes to complete

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  • Who's Eligible?:C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs, Trusts, Estates, Partnerships & more
  • Need a Reason to Extend?:No, the IRS doesn't even ask
  • Approval Odds:99% immediate approval rate with IRS eFile
  • Benefits:Extend your IRS tax filing deadline by an extra 6 months
  • State Extensions:We’ve got you covered
  • Time Required:Less than 5 minutes to complete
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3 Easy Steps to Extend Your Tax Filing in 5 Minutes


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Complete our user-friendly questionnaire in just 5 minutes. It's step-by-step, and we guide you through each question with 24/7 support.


Automatic IRS Submission

We accurately fill out and compile the appropriate IRS forms for you, Form 4868 for individuals and Form 7004 for businesses. Your data is then securely and immediately transmitted electronically to the IRS.


Receive Instant Confirmation

In just a few moments, you'll receive immediate confirmation, verifying that your tax extension has been successfully eFiled and approved by the IRS. And that's it! You're all set, and it took less than 5 minutes. It truly is that easy!

Avoid Costly Late Filing Penalties

Missing the tax deadline can result in penalties and accrued interest on unpaid taxes, adding unnecessary stress and financial burden. The specifics vary between individuals and businesses, but the repercussions from the IRS can be severe.

By taking just 5 minutes to file a tax extension, you can postpone your filing deadline by up to 6 months, helping you avoid these complications. This gives you extra time to gather all necessary documents and information, ensuring a more accurate and stress-free filing when you’re ready.
Don’t risk incurring penalties; take the simple step of filing an extension to safeguard your financial well-being.

The Advantages of Using

  • Authorized eFile Provider : With IRS authorization and direct eFile integration, we provide a quick, smooth, and trusted eFiling process.
  • BBB Accredited : Gain peace of mind with our accreditation and high rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • State-of-the-Art Security : Rest easy knowing our cutting-edge technology and encryption safeguard your data.
  • Quick & Easy : Join the 99% of filers who receive instant IRS approval and confirmation.
  • Educational Resources : Want more info? Learn at your own pace with our free articles and guides that simplify tax jargon.
  • 24/7 Customer Support : For eFile users, our support team is always a click or an email away.
  • Free Resubmission : If your extension is denied, our eFile option allows free unlimited corrections and resubmissions.
Things to Remember
A Tax Extension Extends Your Time to File, Not to Pay Taxes Due
You Avoid Costly Late Filing Penalties by Filing a Tax Extension

What Makes Us the Industry Leader

  • Focus and Specialization : As the name suggests, we stand as the go-to experts and the authoritative market leader in tax extensions.
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